Ebeneser, Wesleyan Methodist chapel, Ystumtuen,
The present chapel was built in 1840 and enlarged in 1858.

Harry Gibbon and Sons, Cardiff, Furniture Catalogue

Harry Gibbon and Sons CatalogueThis fascinating catalogue was deposited with Capel by two of our members, Glenys and Derrick Deane. The catalogue is undated but was surely produced early in the twentieth century. Such catalogues are invaluable sources of information about chapel furnishing. We should be delighted to hear from members who have knowledge of similar items. There is a note about the catalogue in our Newsletter no. 48.

The Catalogue is available as a PDF file. The file is approx. 10MB, which will take about 30 minutes to download via a modem, but a lot less via broadband.

View the Harry Gibbon Catalogue

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